UrbanStreetSoccer.com is a soccer lifestyle blog covering not only the sport, but also the business, development, culture, lives and lifestyles of its athletes and personalities on & off the pitch.

With the 2014 World Cup just 1 year away, we thought there was no better time to launch our new blog. The landscape in the world of sports is changing across the board. And in some instances, for the better and in others, not so much. If we drill down to a specific sport, no sport is in as much of a state of flux as the world’s sport, from racism and global expansion to the marketability of the sport, especially here in the U.S.

Urban Street Soccer is here to cover all of this, and provide an insight that has been ignored for too long, present a voice that has not been truly valued, and expose people in the U.S. to the true origins of the game…the streets.

For more info about UrbanStreetSoccer.com or how to become a contributor email: info@Concrete2Green.com or go to UrbanStreetSoccer.com.