C2G continuously works to develop partnerships with individuals, organizations and corporations in the public and private sectors that are interested in aligning their interests, operations and strategic planning with C2G’s goals and objectives.

C2G keenly understands the challenges facing urban communities as they relate to the development of soccer in these communities.

C2G has a unique connection to the culture and growing popularity of soccer in America, its players and fans. C2G will be the vehicle through which soccer is promoted in urban America.

C2G’s partners will be able to advance their social responsibility initiatives to ensure the growth and stability of their own business operations.

C2G is committed to providing its partners with opportunities to make a global impact as contributors to the development of soccer in urban America.

C2G’s collaborative partnerships can help to strengthen a company’s or organization’s brand identity, build loyalty among their existing customers, and establish a strong customer base in new markets which can greatly affect the ability to operate, compete and thrive.