Pickup Soccer in Brazil Has an Allure All Its Own

RIO DE JANEIRO — In Brazil, the ball is always moving. It moves on grass and on sand, on concrete and on cobblestone. Sometimes, during the rainy season, it even moves on water. It must be said: the ball has always had meaning, always resonated far beyond a foot and a goal and a game. […]

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A Mexico World Cup No-Show Would Be an Economic No-No

Something terrible is happening in Mexico: The country’s national soccer team is nearing the abyss of elimination from next year’s World Cup in Brazil. A bit hyperbolic, I know. After all, Mexico is besieged by much greater ills. But in Mexico, the importance of soccer and its quadrennial celebration can’t be so easily dismissed, and failure […]

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Soccer in the Hood

A great article I found in the vault…  Still relevant…  by Mark W. Wright Pretty boy David Beckham recently told CBS’ 60 Minutes that he’s “passionate about the fact [soccer] can grow [in American] and the potential is huge here.” But he cautioned his interviewer, adding, “Things aren’t going to turn around and get bigger […]



The Chelsea Football Club Foundation and FC Harlem today (Wednesday) announced a partnership to develop community initiatives for young people in New York. The Young L.I.O.N.S (Leaders In Our Neighbourhoods) initiative will develop exciting opportunities for young people, providing positive activities and developing social and leadership skills. The two organisations have previously collaborated during Chelsea’s […]


Messi in Senegal to Fight Malaria

The reigning world footballer of the year is advocating the need to use medicated bed nets to reduce the pace of the disease on the continent. “I am really delighted to come to Senegal,” the Argentine told BBC Sport. “My commitment to be part of this battle against malaria is relentless. Whenever I have the […]

The Art of Protest in Brazil

Rows of soccer balls representing a cemetery are laid out in Rio’s Copacabana beach, the latest in a protest movement that has swept Brazil.


Italy’s First Black Minister Attacked by Racist Remarks

It appears that Italy’s racism issues aren’t just in its football stadiums.  Italy’s first-ever black minister was immediately at the centre of a virulent controversy as her appointment was deplored by the rightwing Northern League. Cecile Kyenge, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, takes on a new portfolio for racial integration. She is one […]

The Real Problem With Soccer

Few goals and fewer commercial breaks are not what is slowing soccer’s growth, according to William C. Rhoden.


Brazil, Where the Beautiful Game Struts

The banner-waving, anthem-singing fans of Rio de Janeiro’s Flamengo club formed a billowing mass of ruby-and — black-clad humanity. They moved not only in reaction to the ebbs and flows on the field far below, but also to the samba beat pounded out by musicians in the midst of the grandstand mayhem around me and […]

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Barcelona joins forces with IOC in Africa

FC Barcelona and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have agreed a new partnership that will see the two parties work together on joint projects that promote development through the power of sport. Both the FC Barcelona Foundation (FFCB) and the IOC use sport as a means to aid social and human development, as well as […]